Speedball 2 mm Pointe Fine élégant Writer Noir - B000BYVK5Y

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  • Broad 2mm nib gives sharp definition - black

  • Nib gives sharp definition to letter forms & flows easily

  • Meets the needs of both expert calligraphers & beginners

  • These fabulous marker pens were introduced to us by SAA Professional Artist Marilyn Allis, who uses them often because of the exciting effects that occur when the ink is activated with water. Once her drawing is done, she uses plain water to pull out a blue to purple and sometimes fuchsia hue wash.

    The Elegant Writer chisel tipped marker pen was born for use in calligraphy and fine lettering and brings beautiful italic lettering within reach, even for beginning calligraphers, but their unique qualities make them appeal to all types of creative activity!

    Features include:

    - Unique molded Dura-Nib starts and stays sharp.

    - Water soluble ink is acid-free

    Set of 4 also available (EWS6)

    Numéro de modèle2841
    Poids de l'article4,54 g
    Dimensions du produit (L x l x h)6,4 x 1,3 x 19 cm

    Speedball 2 mm Pointe Fine élégant Writer Noir - B000BYVK5Y

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